July 11th, 2005


Whatta day

Aiyre woke up early on Sunday, so we all got an early start. We did get to play outside a bit, and I managed to get some work on the wall done.

We went to the Y on Sunday for a swim, but just as we were getting to the pool, the power went out. We started swimming, and they eventually told us we couldn't use the pool when there was no power. Aiyre totally flipped out when we needed to leave. The power was still out, as was the emergency lighting, so we had to get dressed in the dark. I didn't lock my locker, so I was okay, but one other guy had a spin dial lock...

Well, we stopped at Wendy's on the way home, but they rejected our Discover card. We called Discover and it seems like it was an operator error. I was worried for a bit that someone ran up charges on the card on us.

We are looking to replace the back door with something nicer. They are supposed to come by at some point and take measurements for us. It will cost a litte over 2 grand to get it installed. For that matter we really need to get a couple of our doors re-hung. Most of the doors in the house don't really fit in the doorway.

Our Bedroom : Large gap under door and door catches on frame, so door is hard to open.
Aiyre's Room : Door frame not level, door swings shut, large gap under door.
Comp Room : Door opening too big, door will swing past the 'shut' point.
Front Door : Large gap on top of door.
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I'm melting, melting...

Emily and I got to play the MUD a bit yesterday. Aiyre kept wanting to play Lemmings or The Sims2, so we'd take a break and let Aiyre have some fun. Things are coming along nice. At some point I need to get a persistant connection so that the game is online for more than an hour a week.

I played a little MOO3 while Aiyre was getting ready for bed. I really like being able to design my own ships and such. Over the course of the weekend I managed enough TV time to watch The Rock again. I don't understand their VX gas stuff. The first guy who got exposed had his skin melting off while he could still stand. When the main character gets exposed, he manages to get his atropine, but nothing ever happens to his skin. The atropine shouldn't help the skin not melt away, it should just keep the heart pumping.

I forget who I stole the userpic from, but thanks.
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I've got my first required noontime process training session today. I hope they don't blab on too long, I was planning on leaving at 3 to catch Fantastic 4 on the way home.

We've got a new hire coming in today too. Don't know who yet. I think she's slated for CJR.

Credit Card expiration is a pain in the ass. Over the last 4-5 months we've been getting lots of notices from people with our card number saying that it will expire at the end of June. I keep needed to provide updated info, etc. The pisser, is that the new date is only in December. WTF. I'm going to have to go through this again, starting in 2 months. Why the heck did Discover send us new cards which only add 6 months to the duration?
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Over the edge

More Lemmings.... Those damn weasels.

Caught F4 on the way home. Based on the previews I saw, I thought it would be kinda lame. It was fantastic. More amazing than Spider-Man, more incredible than The Hulk, more uncanny than the X-Men, more incredible than The Incredibles. Okay, it wasn't all that. It was a good flick with some good action, lots of good graphics and a good job with character interaction. I didn't know anything about F4 before hand so I couldn't see any spots where they broke with the standard background. I expect that F4 didn't get their start with Dr. Doom, but here they did.

Volleyball on Wednesday will be a double header. I hope it cools off by then. I've also got a game on Thursday and another make up game at some point.

Our insurance statement came today. Our two cars cost $2272 per year. We raised the collision deductable to 1000, which will save us $255 per year. If we can keep from killing either car for 2 years we will have saved enough to cover the difference.
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