July 7th, 2005



Having worked a bit over the holiday and having stayed late, I need to leave early today and take tomorrow off. Emily and Aiyre are still getting into their new schedule of getting up early. The schedule change has caused me to get up at 5am more consistantly. The drive in to work is much less stressful.

Their isn't any volleyball this week, which is good because its been raining and going to continue to rain. Next week I have games on Wednesday and Thursday and we have to make up the games from last week which were cancelled.

I like to think I'm a liberal, but some issues, the conservatives have staked out the 'good' side. I would think that liberals would be for equality and equal treatment and such, but the conservatives have position and the liberals have the special treatment for minorities view. I can't think of any more issues that the conservatives have the 'good' side on, but I seem to recall there was another one.
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oh yeah

Today is pay day. I get to find out what my new take home pay amount is. Last paycheck I maxed out my 401k for the year, well pre-tax anyway. I also maxed out my social security withdrawl. I switched my 401k to 4% after tax so I'd still get the company match. Overall I expect the check to be larger than normal, which will be the new normal till January.

Come to think of it.. I need a money user pic... I'm going to look around and see what I can find on the web.

[[edit]] New image found and uploaded...
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