June 26th, 2005



Well, I survived a Friday at work and a blazing Saturday at home. Aiyre and I spent about 3 hours, in 2, 90 minute chunks, at the lake. Norm managed to get his boat working an onto the lake before we left the second time. His boat really need a muffler. I could hear it coming long before I could see it.

I finished re-reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire last night and started on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix this morning. No further movement on the houses nearby. I guess when you initially list a house, there are quite a few showings and then it slows down. Maybe we can get them to lower the price. I think it may antagonize them if we just go over and offer 80k less than the listed price. If we buy it as a rental property, the banks usually want you to put 40% down. Maybe that has changed...

Justin will bring someone new for the Star Wars game this afternoon. Hopefully, Aiyre will be nice to them.
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