June 10th, 2005


Cha Ching

Got notified yesterday that I'll be getting the bonus from site. Today, I got a call from Mr. Lee telling me the exact amount. I had estimated the figure within 1000, so they don't seem to be cheating me or anything. If only it was tax free. This will be the biggest check I've ever gotten.

I'm not sure what we'll do with the money. Once it is deposited, and taxes are paid, we'll have enough in the bank to pay off the house and still have 10 grand for emergencies.

I sealed the driveway this morning before coming to work. I have to stay late this afternoon to 'interview' someone who wants to transfer from El Segundo CA to this area. I'm not sure why, but I will find out in a couple hours. I get her from 4 to 4:45.
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End of the week... Well, with the driveway off limits for today and most of tomorrow, I expect we'll spend a lot of time at the mall and at quinsig. I see Emily posted a new picture, finally.

Now that I have a perm account and 100 user pic limit, I need to get some more pictures... I need a beach photo for sure. Maybe an ultrasound shot for the newbie.

<< edit >> Changed picture to the newly added ultrasound photo.
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