May 24th, 2005


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Rainy day. The PT was okay, she took a look and assigned some exercises to do and walked me through them once. I have to do them everyday. I will have to go back once a week for updates and to get further exercises. My back hurt a bit walking out of the clinic.

The focus group was strange. The food was crap and I had to buy my own. I did swipe a bag o chips, soda and a cookie though. It turns out we were supposed to be discussing something we had already heard about to find out how well the point was relayed. Well, almost half of us hadn't even gotten the original message.

Fitz was back in Sudbury today. Nice to see him. I managed to get time to ask about the bonus and he said it was currently in review. He thought we would get full payout towards the first 2 goals and a partial toward the third goal. If so, I'm looking at like 40 big ones. They had a welcome back cake for him. *mmm* cake....

I think that various snacks around here are #1 making me fat, and #2 giving me headaches. I'm going to try to skip for a couple days and see if clears either up.

I got a lot of run data today for others to analyze. I'm probably going to spend most of tomorrow removing NOFORN data from our classified system. I also have an Export Awareness for engineers class for 2 hours tomorrow morning.
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