May 19th, 2005



I got in quite late today, but I stayed 3 hours late yesterday, so I shouldn't have to stay too late today. The doctor appointment went smoothly, once I found the joint, and managed to find parking. They seem concerned about ulcers, etc. It was a gastroencrological appointment so you have to expect them to be concerned about stomach stuff. They want to do some procedure where they lower a camera or something down my throat and check out my stomach.

The main advice was to reduce stress, as most symptoms are aggravated by stress. Great, more to worry about.

Aiyre was upset when I left this morning. Normally I leave before she is up so she doesn't have to seem me go. I stopped by on the way to work after the appointment too, so she got to be upset twice.

We've been using our Bruce hand puppet/shark to try to get her to say 'good night'. Usually she'll give us d t. Last night, the 'night' had more than just a 't' sound. It almost sounded like 'night'.
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