May 6th, 2005



After watching episode 4(Snuff) of season 3 of CSI, I had a strange dream last night. I had some sort of dealing with a porn star and then when leaving, I found I was trapped by werewolves...

Had a security briefing this morning... other peoples mistakes are always good for a laugh. Free coffee, water, pastries, etc doesn't hurt either.

Mom is coming out next weekend, provided we have nice weather, to help us take Aiyre into Boston for the day. Anyone that wants to tag along is welcome. Not much going on this weekend, just some much needed rest. It is supposed to rain all weekend again.. poor Aiyre.

Dracula is coming along. The heros just confronted D in Mina's room.
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Step One: Pick a well-known song.
Step Two: Take the lyrics to babelfish ( and translate English to German to French to English.
Step Three: Copy out the result and give clues and see who can guess the song. I don't feel like screening so don't cheat.

There is a jump in the mirror and a mark of blood on the bed. OH -, a Vampire and a baby were you who I go absolutely. I arrived the means and at of New-Orleans. I go downwards by the river, in which it is hot and green. I will drink and go around something. I have much to think to OH- yeah. There is to the bottom a chain of oscillation by the window the hall. I hear slightly there in the shade to the bottom the hall. OH -, you were a Vampire and now are me nothing with all.
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