May 2nd, 2005


Monday Happiness

After the rain let up yesterday Aiyre began harassing us to let her go outside. We had spread poison on the lawn to deal with the grubs, so we couldn't let her go out. I did bring her to the park once Justin left.

She ran around a bunch and played a bunch. I got some pictures(so check out our website). She then started running around the ball field while some people practiced softball pitching. I had to chase her around to keep her out of their way. My back is now killing me.

I played a little Dungeon Siege expansion during bathtime. I'm just up to chapter 2. It is a fun combat system. I wonder what rules they use for advancement and if they can be adapted to some other game system.

After we put Aiyre to bed Emily and I watched CSI season three episode 3. There wasn't really a way to tell how or why the crime was done, but there were some clues that the guy who did it had done it.

I got emailed by some lady starting up a store which will only sell Made in the USA products. The store is in Virginia. She was looking for product and distributor information, which I would have been happy to provide, but I didn't have any.
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Emily's parents are thinking about moving to the area. It will be nice to get some more consistant 'help' with the kids. We don't get along great, but I'd like Aiyre to have more family around more often. I guess the new middle school they are building in her area is boosting home prices again. I guess the plan is to sell high, pocket most of the dough and buy a house out here cheap.

Justin Lutz is back to work today after a year in Iraq. We just had some cake for him and then he had to run cause they assigned him to work in Woburn on BMD. Welcome back and thanks for the cake.
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