March 24th, 2005



What a crappy snow storm. We only got like 3 cm. I didn't even bother to shovel.

I finished watching Season 1 of CSI last night. I think it pisses off Emily when I guess the ending 5 minutes in. Sure, I'm wrong 30% of the time, but still.

My weight problem seems to stem from snacks. Meals don't leave me full for long enough to get to the next meal. I can't find any good snacks which don't have tons of calories in them. I hope to get my bicycle out this weekend.

Why is this news? Jeb holds a press conference. He has a doctor, which hasn't examined, TS, but thinks she is not in a PVS, but rather in a semi-conscious state.
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I gave blood this morning. I was thinking that, if not for the cookies and juice they force you to drink, it would be good for the diet.

How many calories in a pint of blood? About the same as an 1/4 kilo steak?
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