March 1st, 2005



Well, I woke up on time today, but I lounged around a bit before getting up and digging myself out. As of this morning I only had about 5inches on the ground. I was expecting 8-10, so this was easier.

I really hate being told that I'll be told something in the future, like the performance review, etc. Why not just tell me now instead of telling my that you'll tell me. At least I know I didn't get the bottom rating. TEQON emailed that our section was 20% Far Exceed Requirements, 30% Exceeds Requirements, 50% Meets Requirements, and 0% Needs Improvement. That gives me a 50% chance to be above average.

I've got a bit of a headache coming on, its one of those damned stress headaches which hit me at the base of my skull.
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The few, the proud, the 20%

Well, the review wasn't as torturous as I had expected. For lunch I had to use up the lunch chit from yesterday's section meeting. 8 bucks. So I picked up a couple bottles of soda, chips, cookies, and an ice cream sandwich. Most of that will get used up over the weekend, the ice cream I felt I needed to eat today.

Some yutz left secret documents out overnight which I found when I printed something this morning. I left a note for the security people but have not been able to get them.

I need to eat and get some data analyzed for the 1pm meeting so I can get this stuff in a build.
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