February 21st, 2005



In honor of National Engineers Week (stolen from SSC) :

A grocer wants to expose his oranges neatly for sale. Doing this he discovers that one orange is left over when he places them in groups of three. The same thing happens when he tries to place them in groups of 5, 7, or 9 oranges. Only when he makes groups of 11 oranges, they fit exactly. What is the minimum number of oranges that the grocer has?
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We think Aiyre may be sick. She coughed a lot yesterday morning and ended up just laying around most of the day. At some point she took a nap on the couch. When she woke she was crying for a while. She didn't really eat much and we had to force some liquids into her.

The in-laws arrived yesterday after gaming. The game went okay. Justin is finishing up his padawanship. As a result he has to build a lightsaber, pass the trials, etc.

I feel like I may have caught whatever Aiyre got too. I'm feeling tired and achey today.
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