February 18th, 2005



So, while attempting to do my MA tax, I found that my entire year's earning were reported as MA wages. I couldn't figure out how to make the form not produce a 10K tax bill for MA so I went to H&R Block. After getting bounced around a bit, I finally got to someone who had done multi-state returns before. I had already done my federal return so we skipped it. It turns out their system forces you to do the federal return in order to do the state. So.. we start entering data. We go to the point where it checks the numbers from MA and CA to see that they add up to the total. Well.. no they don't. I get pushed off to their 20 year person, who works days. They suggest I may need a corrected W-2. I call payroll. They claim I was a MA full year resident and therefore they are supposed to report all income to MA and I have to file some form to get it settled. The MA tax website says I have to have been in MA for more than 183 days to be a full year resident. Payroll claims that because I didn't change my state(use to figure out which medical plans and such) to CA, I was in MA for the full year. The whole issue is confused because Emily and Aiyre were here for more time than I was and probably were full year residents. In fact, the only reason I didn't change my state was so they could still see a doctor and not have to fly to CA to see an in-network doctor.
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Well, payroll insists it is right, plenty of other workers have the same thing and they all manage to work it out. They do get a lot of calls about it but after explaining that they are not going to help, no one seems to call back saying how it was resolved. Therefore.. it will be okay for me to. Thank you come again.

F'in people. They are just asking for an employee to test out that UZI they bought on ebay.

I haven't heard from H&R block today. I'm leaving in a couple minutes and will stop by their offices on the way home.

Oh.. I did upload a new user pic, which doesn't really apply to this post, but so everyone can see it. I admit I stole it from someone else's journal a long time ago and I would love to give credit, but I can't find that journal again(damn random function).
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I went back to H&R Block after a quick stop at home. They had their experienced crew there, but I still got the feeling they didn't really know what to do. After an hour and a half I got my MA form done. I ended up so I owe $179. Mostly because MA figures I spent 61 days out of 365 in MA so that portion of my income is MA. This is not correct, as I know the exact MA amount. I earned money faster in CA because of OT, etc.

They couldn't do the CA form, but had a questionaire to fill out which they send to the main office to have their out-of-state expert fill the form out. That will take 2 weeks. We also discovered a typo on my federal form, which I already sent out. Doh. They ended up having to enter everything on the Federal form just so it can be read into the state forms at the appropriate spots. The base charge was like 300 bucks, but, most of it will be credited away because I didn't request the federal form be filed. They said the fee for just the state part was 30 bucks. Maybe a little more for CA, but still reasonable.

I decided to sign up for their protection plan in case the state audits the forms and raises the due amount, H&R takes responsibility and pays. Given the lack of confidence I had in them, it seemed like a must.

Mom will be here tomorrow about 9:30 am. I'm not sure if I'll head into work before then or maybe head into work about 8pm, once Aiyre is asleep. Maybe I'll just take the day off.
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I kind of lost it this morning and lashed out at a co-worker who was being disrespectful. He asked about some changes I was making and an STR. I kept explaining the changes were not related to the STR and he kept insisting they were. While I explained he kept interrupting and eventually walked off saying, "yeah, whatever..."

I said, "Don't you walk away from me."
He said, "You don't talk to me that way."
I said, "Me? You are being disrespectful to me. I am trying to provide you information..."

We eventually settled the issue, relayed information to each other and got back to work. I later apologized for letting things get out of hand.

I talked to TEQON about it and she suggested a stress management class/seminar on Monday. So, if I remember, and don't work right through the class, I'll go. We also talked about what I was working on, who was requesting work, etc. She complimented me, saying that if I was being given all this work by lots of people it meant they knew I would take care of it, get it done, and they wouldn't have to work about it anymore.

She said that she found it annoying years ago when some people would get lots and lots of work and others wouldn't get much. The people who are the most competent get the most work dumped on them. She finds herself doing it now. If something comes up and she has 2 people who she could give the work to. She'll think, if I give it to him it won't get done and if it does, someone will have to fix it. Then she'll think, if I give it to him, he'll take care of it and I won't have to think about it again. The second guys gets it. Bad people get a free ride and good people get dumped on. She says that I'm getting dumped on because I have techincal expertise.

So... is she suggesting I slack off and screw up to lessen my load? No.. she is suggesting I find a work-life balancing point and not cross it. Stick to my guns. Sounds a lot like slacking off. I left once I hit my 60 for the week.
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