February 17th, 2005



It looks nice outside. Kinda makes we wish I wasn't here. We are merging up for the next build. I've already been assigned more STRs to test now that some of the existing ones merged into the build

The test event pushed back again. It was supposed to be 2/23 to 2/25 and it got pushed back to 2/26 to 2/28 and now it got pushed back again to 3/4 to 3/6.

I've been mentally trying to figure out how to rearrange the furniture in the house to allow room for the baby as well as to allow me to get a big screen tv. I'm only really considering it if I get the site bonus.
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Got home a little early today as I had already exceeded my OT limit. I made italian sausage for dinner, worked on a puzzle for a bit, and watched the beginning of Braveheart. We are at the conclusion of the battle of Stirling. 1. Why didn't they collect up the armor and weapons from the fallen English? 2. Its really too bad they didn't have some necromancers available to restock their army.

I'm going to work on our MA taxes while Aiyre is in the bath. I got a notice today that we can deduct a portion of our tolls from the Mass Pike on our state taxes. I'll have to check that out.
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