February 8th, 2005



I finally managed to wake up on time again today. I went to bed early last night, as I was still exhausted from the previous nights activities.

I hung out with the family for a while last night, watched a little bit of Swordfish, worked for a little bit on KanE MUD, and helped Emily eat a frozen pizza.

I hope to get out of work early today.
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Terry Gross

I caught part of an interview with some author on the way home. I've always wanted to write. I've wanted to do an autobiography as well as write fiction. It made me start remembering things that happened to me. I'm not sure how many of them would be interesting to anyone.

One thing I remembered, an mentioned to Emily the other day was my Presidential Campaign. I've already line up 4 people who said they would vote for me if I ran. I either need a better ad campaign or really low turnout.
Glowacki in 08

I got an email from cousin Dave a couple days ago and finally wrote back today. He is bartending in CA on Sunset Blvd. So, last week Quentin Tarentino spent 2 hours at the bar, at his bar. I guess Dave decided to name a shot after him. As if the guy wasn't famous enough. Dave was always good at laying it on thick.

The last 2 days at work, I've been so busy, that I didn't manage to get time to eat breakfast or lunch. I've got a pile of Lean Cuisine frozen meals in the fridge. The best I could do was a cup of yogurt, eaten while en route to the lab from my office. Last night I demolished a frozen pizza, with emily's help. Tonight we ordered out Chinese.
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