January 31st, 2005


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Monday Monday. AC&M cancelled yesterday, but Justin came over and we played Star Wars. Things went more smoothly, but they didn't make it as far as I had expected.

I managed to get my Federal forms filled out and such yesterday morning. Today, I need to make copies and then mail them.

Emily's parents are coming to visit in a couple weeks. I'm not sure when, but it is during their school vacation week. I need to come into work late on Friday because Emily has a doctor's appt. So... I will probably work a little extra during the week so that I don't have to stay late on Friday.
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Norm's Fault

So I went over to remind Scott about a 2pm meeting we really need him at and I ran into Norm(who sits with Scott). Norm raised an interesting point, based on an article on the Drudge Report. When you have a welfare system, you provide people money when they are unemployed. If they remain unemployed you force them to take available jobs or lose benefits. Okay, fine, seems great. In Germany, where prostitution is legal, people are being faced with the choice between losing benefits or taking a job at a brothel.
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Nothing new

You scored as Lawful Evil. A Lawful Evil person is someone who respects laws, customs, or traditions, but will try to bend them to suit their own needs. These people have little concern for others they hurt, being intrinsically self motivated. Despite this, they value order and obedience to authority.


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True Neutral


Lawful Good


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Sure, I may be lawful_evil, but I am still 45% lawful-good
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