January 28th, 2005



Yesterday I removed Phil's name tag from his mailbox, seeing as he isn't at Raytheon anymore. I've never been on a project at the end of the cycle when everyone is in such a state of flux. People are crazy busy and stressed out.

I've now got everything I need to file my federal taxes. I'm looking at about 567 bucks in refund after paying 18500 in federal taxes. I'm still figuring out the California and Massachusetts amounts. It is somewhat complicated as I was in both states part year, etc.

We watched Harry Potter 2 earlier. Tomorrow will see me working in the morning and filling out the tax forms in the afternoon. I'll probably update my D&D character prior to Sunday, but seeing as I failed to make a level there isn't much to update. If I have time I need to flush out the town, which will act as a base of operations for my campaign, and start writing up player handouts.
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