January 24th, 2005


Back to work

Everyone at work is, of course, talking about the snow and how much and blah blah blah. My back is a bit sore from the shoveling. School is closed in Worcester today. It didn't look like they had done any plowing once the snow stopped yesterday. The conditions were the same driving to work today as they had bee when I went for pizza yesterday.

On NPR they had some pro-life lady on taking about her position, etc. I'm am now going to try to explain my view. I am confused by the pro-lifer support of W. They mentioned on the radio, that most pro-lifers are also anti-death penalty. W has an amazing record from his time as govenor as being pro death penalty. Anyway... is an unborn child a life? What is a life? Why does this question matter? If my partner were to have an abortion I would be hurt and feel that she killed my son/daughter. I feel this because I know what would happen if she hadn't had the abortion, but because I think the child is alive in its current state. What would have happened? It would have grown and eventually become a life.

At some point, life begins. I don't believe in the soul so it that part of the debate can be avoided. At conception, processes begin which, if I went back to my HS biology text, I am fairly certain I would call life. Is this useful legal position? No. Why... One example(there are many more)... Stress can cause mis-carriages. Are you going to file involuntary manslaughter charges against every woman who has a mis-carriage?

Do I think W should be selecting judges to change the curent state of things? No. I don't think you should consider anything like that when selecting judges. Experience, yes. Education, yes. Knowledge of the law, yes. Knowledge of the constitution, yes. Knowledge of existing precidences, yes. Opinion on gun control, no. Opinion on abortion, no. Opinion on anything, no.
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