January 6th, 2005



It is payday. In addition, it was snowing this morning. The drive in from Worcester to Sudbury took abuot 15 minutes longer than normal. People were being careful and going slower than I would have liked. I really only wanted to go about 5 kph faster than I was. School is closed in Worcester today, so Aiyre has a day to play in the snow. I may head home at 1 to spend time with them.

I caught a bit on NPR on the way home yesterday about unions and the loss of manufacturing jobs in the US. They made it seem like nobody knew that unions played a large role in moving jobs overseas.

I had a bad headache last night again. I did manage to play a little on the computer and do some reading before heading to bed. I woke up at midnight and was burning up and couldn't get back to sleep for an hour or so. I finished Dhampir and started on Death Masks.
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