December 19th, 2004



My mother visited yesterday. The visit went well. She didn't smell too much like smoke. I managed to get time to play with my R/C truck. Vroom Vroom. Aiyre seemed to enjoy playing too. She would run around and let the truck chase her. If I stopped the truck, she would go up to it and push it to get it going again.

Something is going on with the power downstairs. Last night it was flaky. I reset the circuit and that cleared it up for a couple hours, but it was happening again this morning. I moved most of the power load off of the circuit to another circuit to see if some appliance was causing the problem or if the fuse was shot. I'll probably hit Home Depot later today or tomorrow and replace the fuse. I sort of hoped that the TV was causing it, as both instances when something was wrong the TV was on or had just been turned on.

I played The Sims 2 a bunch over the last couple days. I ran an experiment when I made a family and bought stuff for them, but that was it. I just let them run to their own devices. Given free-will they don't acquire jobs on their own, they don't restock the fridge, they don't repair broken appliances, etc. After a while they both hallucinated for a while and saw and interacted with the 'social bunny'. A big bunny that hops around following them and talking to them. One of them got pretty desparate for a child too and had a flower sack with a face drawn on it they pretended was a baby.

I guess my Star Wars game is done. Emily was the only one to respond to the latest batch of emails.
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