December 18th, 2004


R/C Scam

So, my R/C car has twice lost wheels. The first time, the only part I lost was a 4mm lock nut. The second time, I lost a little cross-pin that made the axle spin with the wheel instead of rubbing against it. I went to the website to get replacement parts and found that I could get a packet of 4 pins(each about 1.5mm in diameter and 0.9 cm long) for $1. I could get replacement nuts, packet of 4, for $2.50. I had three shipping options, the $5.00, $15, and $25 option.

I went to home depot and got nuts, 2 for 37 cents. The pin I made from an untwisted keyring, clipped to the right length.

I wonder how many other parts of the car will fall off.
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