December 14th, 2004



We are now back at Union Station in Washington DC waiting for what we thought should be a 1pm train back home. The train was really at 2:05 and has been delayed to 2:25.

The visit was nice. Aiyre liked playing with Tristan. She liked playing with Dad. She liked the pond nearby. We all got along fine. Tristan was a bit of a pain and annoying while Moose(his father / my brother) was around. Emily and I both ate way too much at every meal and feel like crap. Dad's wife smokes and was sick the whole time. As a result, she was in the house smoking and everynight when we got back to the hotel, I had to take a shower before going to bed because of the stink. Our hotel room stunk as a result of all the dirty smoke covered laundry too.

We bought a portable DVD player for the ride home. We are hopeful that will keep Aiyre quiet for a couple hours anyway. I bought myself a remote control car for xmas. I got to test it out near the pond at Dads house, but needed to mail it home because of the baggage situation.

The Amtrak web site states you can check up to 3 bags per person and carry on 2 bags per person. We planned for this. In reality you had to carry everything with you. This was a real pain. The signs which declared the new policy say it went into effect 2 years ago. My advice... update the web site. I ended up hauling the suitcases and booster seat around while Emily dragged Aiyre and what should have been the carry-on bags. When boarding and unloading we had to pile the stuff on the platform and run back and forth loading and watching Aiyre.
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