December 6th, 2004



I came home after only 9 hours and no one was here. Emily and Aiyre, it seems, went to the pool. Someone must have come and picked up Steffanie today while I was at work. I guess I'll find out when Emily gets home.

I picked up stamps from the post office today, so the Holiday cards are hitting the mail tomorrow.

My computer at work is now hooked up, but I need an account to be set up and such. I worked a couple STRs today on the classified system, where my account was still active from 11 months ago. Tomorrow, I need to fill out a bunch of expense reports and take some on-line training classes and such.

My computer has a relatively small monitor, but it isn't a flat panel, so it takes up a huge amount of desk. There is just enough room to put my keyboard in front of it. If they don't bring me a new one I may have to buy a better monitor myself.

I spent much of the day telling people that I was back for now, but possibly not for good, as well as explaining the weather, environment, workload, etc.

Steffanie didn't sleep too well last night, so I'm quite tired.
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