December 2nd, 2004



Steffanie has become somewhat clingy. She seems to really like me and not really like Emily too much. Good cop, Bad cop or something.

I went into work today to fill out and sign my timecard for the week. I saw a bunch of the people I used to work with and ran into Peter Gowaski, whom I shared a phone with at Beale. In Sudbury, I'll be sitting with Lihn Tsang in building 5, 2nd floor.

I'll be in on Monday for my 3 days of work for the year. My computer wasn't hooked up when I was there today. I didn't check to see if the phone on my desk was actually my phone number or not. I did remember my badge code on the drive to work today, so I was able to enter the building. I don't expect that I'll get much done while I'm there next week, but who knows.

I need to do the following : Hook up Computer, Hook up Phone, Get 30+ hours training, Fill out expense report for trip home, Fill out expense report for overall trip things(lawn care, etc), Fill out timecard with PTO for rest of year, Update STRs, Complete OC failover, Help bill test OC, Implement an OC STR.

I guess some of those things are a bit premature as I don't know what group or task I will be assigned. I just assume I'll be back in the role of OC lead.
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I got an out of the blue phone call from my cousin Dave Tann, who now goes by David Dollar and is a struggling, out of work actor living in Hollywood. While waiting for his next hit film he pays the rent, some months, by bartending and such.

You should look for him in Drip and indie film soon to be making the Film Festival circuit. He plays bad guy Trip Austin. He was also in a Will and Grace episode last season, though I don't know what part he had, probably some walk on part.
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