December 1st, 2004


Day 1 Alone

Today was our first day alone with Steffanie, the 1 year old. Steve and Linda came over on Monday night and spent all of Tuesday with us as well to get Stef used to us. So far so good. Aiyre isn't very nice and is quite jealous of her. Stef really only cried and wailed and wanted mom and dad once, when Aiyre pushed her down. Stef has a bit of a cold and isn't sleeping very soundly. She is sleeping in our room, so whenever she wakes up so do we, so we are quite exhausted.

I managed to get my passport application turned in yesterday. My stuff was delivered yesterday in good condition. We are mostly unpacked but still have a few major decisions to be made. We now have too many beds, too many dressers, etc. I need to get Norm to come and claim the extra bicycle. We really need garbage day to come so we can get rid of most of the empty boxes/paper/etc.

My car was delivered during the downpours today. I drove it to drop Aiyre at school and pick her up afterwards and everything seems fine with it.
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