November 25th, 2004



After getting up far too early, thanks Aiyre, we hit the pool. The pool was seemed to me to be quite nasty. Aiyre didn't seem to mind, but I took a shower afterwords. We headed over to moms for a bit, but dinner was not till 4:30, so we drove down to Cobilskill to see Gramma at the home.

I had never been there before so we had to call and get directions from Dad. The drive was okay, but route 88 was falling apart. The joint sealant between the cement sections had come out from between most of the sections. The pieces were spread all over the place and were a bit of a hazard.

The home was better than the previous one she had been in and she remembered Aiyre this time, but thats about it. The place smelled better than the previous home by a long shot. It still just reinforced my desire to never have to live in a place like that.

Thanksgiving dinner was great but Aiyre didn't want to sit and refused to eat most of the food. She had a lot of wheat bread and tortillas for dinner.
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