November 20th, 2004


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So the flight last night got in a couple minutes late but the gate was unable to get the unloading ramp up to the plane. The captain came on and said that they could get it to go left and right and up and down but not forwards or backwards.

I had to sit across from some lady who is also a defense contractor. Kari was her name and she worked on CAAD(combat air attack defense?). She was working on some slides and reports and dealing with a bunch of papers marked 'unclassified' and 'For Official use only'. Its a real no no to have that stuff out in public. I told her it was a 'no no' to have FOUO out on a plane. She hid the papers for a couple minutes but couldn't resist the urge to keep working and pulled them back out again.

The drive home was uneventful. A quick shower and off to bed.

I'm home!
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