November 18th, 2004


Moved Out

I moved out yesterday at about 4:45 PDT. I'm now at the Hilton Garden in Roseville living it up. I went out to the lobby yesterday they had freshly baked cookies... mmmm...

I had trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep. The room was too warm and so I turned up the AC. It was fine and I got to sleep. Every time the AC kicked back on or turned back off, the noise woke me up.

I would like to see Kari, Steve, and Adrianna when I go to Schenectady over Thanksgiving, but I realize it is a time for family and such.

Today is my last day at site!

I just got off the phone with Mark and Bill and we think we may have the solution to some strange OC problems we have been having.
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Look at that RTN stock price soar. I really need to get home and exercise those options.

My wife called me at work today. :) First time, I think. I guess, with this being my last day, she can't make a habit of it.

I got sent the forms which need to be filled out to be granted access at Fylingdales. I won't be going there for nearly as long, maybe a week at a time. I need to get fast-tracked for a passport.

I've had a bad headache for the last hour or so. I need to make an appointment with my doctors when I get back. Both my eye doctor and my PCP. I'd like to talk to the PCP about my feet, which really stink, and the eye doctor, about my prescription. I think it may be off a bit and contributing to the headaches. Could be stress too.

People want to go out and party and eat at 'nice' places tonight. I just want to keep it simple so my stomach survives the flight.
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