November 12th, 2004



Well, RTN hit another 52 week high yesterday, but seems to be dropping today. I really need to get my hands on those stock option forms. Knowing my luck, the price will be down to 20 by the time I get home.

With luck today's class will go well and I can take a day off.
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The Air Force decided to delay the start of the 1pm class to hear the verdict in the Scott Peterson trial. Most everyone, including the commander, was down in the day room watching the TV.
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Today, my yahoo mail account gets this Hot Jobs email. Here is the text(notice they spelled secret wrong).

"The best defense is a strong defense. Protecting people with superior systems. Empowering the world with smarter solutions. This is innovating with Raytheon. Harness the power of your intelligence, and join the industry's brightest minds in leading us safely into the future.

Intelligence and surveillance systems, missile defense and emerging command and control technologies are just a few of the many areas in which we are designing tomorrow's technology. Take your career to the next level and explore these opportunities in the Northeast as well as around the country with Raytheon:

Electrical Engineering
Software Engineering
Systems Engineering
Signal/Electrical Intelligence Engineering
Hardware Engineering
Intelligence Analysis
Various Top Secrect current SSBI clearance positions
Seeking Engineers also willing to relocate. "

So... any interested parties should contact me, as I will get a recruitment bonus. :)
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