October 30th, 2004


Beauty of a Day

Last night was the 'promotion' party for the DO, Major(LTC select) McNairy. It was free food and an open bar. I had to drive, so I kept it down to 3 drinks, but Gina went a bit over. Lots of Coors Light. She was also witnessed doing Tequila shots with some of the officers at the bar.

I ended up in a politic/religious conversation with Bob, who is a right wing Republican. He is actually registered democratic, but just because he is lazy. I still haven't gotten my absentee ballot and suspect, that like in the primaries it will not arrive in time. At least I don't have to worry about W getting my state.

Saturday morning, working again. Gina/Bob/Steve got here a couple hours after I did, so I had time to do some work in peace. We did some dry runs and I think lab 4 is ready for class on Monday. Gina is working on Lab 5 and I will be starting on 6 in a couple minutes.
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During the conversation with Bob I realized by W wants to privatize Social Security. It is not because he wants to help people and allow people to have more money. I just had to think about who would benefit from lots of money getting added to the stock market. The existing stock holders. The rich folks and upper middle class people who have a bunch of money already in the market, and don't really need social security anyway, would benefit. A large infusion of cash would drive prices way up and allow those who had owned stock prior to the infusion to take massive profits.

Did everyone else already realize this and I just caught on or am I ahead of the curve?
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