October 28th, 2004



Lab 1 was awful and the forecast was for Lab2 to be worse. I would say we were right. Lab 2 is going bad. We are attempting to cleanup Lab3 for tomorrow, but the task is very slow and is made worse by the fact that we have to sit in the labs for 5 hours. We were making some progress this morning, but it was cut short when they showed up for their lab 2 hours early.

I think I'm in the process of suffering some sort of mental breakdown. My moods have been going nuts. I keep breaking into tears. I've had bad headaches for the last couple days. I'm having trouble sleeping. Time seems to be passing too fast. I can't nail down anything specific, but I get the feeling like I'm losing time.

If it wasn't for this training, I would be home with Emily and Aiyre.
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