October 25th, 2004



Back to work, the time off was nice. Fitz may cancel the football game tonight in favor of baseball tomorrow. I suggested that he could do both.

I overslept last night by more than an hour. I must have been tired. I had a dream last night. I woke up in the dream and it was the day after the election, but I kept missing parts of the news stories where they told you who won.

I wonder if they will be calling the election on November 2nd or even November 3rd this year. With so many close races and so many states that require recounts on close races, I would doubt they would be able to call the election unless something amazing happens.

I'm looking forward to hearing from Cendant today. With luck they managed to pull their head out of their asses.
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I have to attend a meeting tomorrow the advertised purpose of which is to threaten us. They are going to tell us that if we "screw with the ... configuration" then there will be "very real, very serious professional consequences for the responsible party".

What the heck is going on back in Massachusetts that makes them decide they need to have this meeting? What do they think we are going out here?

The meeting isn't until tomorrow afternoon.
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I heard from the relocation company. They managed to get the right information, once I had emailed HR to give it to them. I got assigned a pair of moving companies, one for the car and one for the household goods. Dependable Auto Movers, Inc. I always wonder about companies which feel they need to claim they are dependable, cheap, affordable in their name. The other movers, NorCal Relocation Services is associated with Atlas Van Lines. They come by to pack up my stuff on November 15, load it on November 16th, and pick up my car on November 17th.

I was happy they didn't try to assign me to Graebel movers after they attempted to rip me off last time. I'm not sure I should trust them this time. I will probably wait to find out if they claim I exceeded my 1600 pound limit, before I challenge their weight.
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