October 21st, 2004



Fitz had a pizza party at his house last night to watch the Red Sox crush the Yanks. Twas nice.

I got home and started watching Godzilla, as I had watched Kill Bill Vol.2 last night. It may be my t-shirt showing, but Mr. Broderick is a cutie. Matt's character just had his heart broken when his ex-gf stole his research and put it on TV. I'll probably finish it tonight or tomorrow.

I hadn't expected the ending in Kill Bill Vol.2 and was quite surprised. The Kung-Fu school I trained with in Wisconsin did that 3 inch punch thing. I thought that was kinda cool. We didn't learn the 5 palm star exploding heart technique though. Too bad, that would have come in handy.

I've been dry-running training labs for the AF and they seem to be in deep dudu. Lots of core dumps and crazy stuff happening. When we try it downstairs everything seems to work fine. Just my luck. Only a week to go till the training starts.
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I finished up the dry runs at work today. It went a lot better with the correct setup. Maybe we aren't as screwed as I had thought.

I just finished Godzilla. I had forgotten the ending and the bit with Madison Square Garden. It occured to me that the main character, Dr. Nick Tatopoulos, is a Dr. Nick. Which reminded me of the Dr. Nick on The Simpsons. I really liked that show.

I bought groceries on the way home. I'm getting close enough to leaving that I will have to start considering that when I decide what to buy. Yeah! I've got about 3 weeks till I expect to be living in a hotel. I miss my family so much it seems to be really debilitating. I've got to not think about it if I want to get anything done.
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