October 6th, 2004


21 hours

21 hours to go till I'm with my family.

The loud music occurred again this morning. I think I missed it yesterday because I was at work at 7. I went down and knocked about about 7:15 but they refused to answer. So be it. I'll just notify the apartment manager later today.

I'm all packed and ready. I'll be leaving 'early' today, after only 8 hours. A quick stop in Lincoln and a drive to San Fran. I'm meeting my In-Laws at the airport lounge. I assume we'll chat and have some sort of meal.

The acquarium tickets still have not arrived so I'll probably have to buy them, instead of using the free ones Raytheon provides.
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out a here.

I spilled food on myself at lunch, so I'll be changing cloths while I load the car in Lincoln on the way to SanFran.
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