September 30th, 2004



This winter I think I'll try to take Aiyre skiing. As for this weekend, I think I'll take her ice skating again. Emily is checking on the schedule. Aiyre seemed to enjoy it last time and when we walked by an ice skating rink, in a mall in Cupertino, we had to drag Aiyre away from it.
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Our stock has been doing exceedingly well of late and I'm spooked. Today I moved 80% of my Raytheon stock to a interest/bond fund instead. I'm going to have to check on my stock options when I get home and see if they are mature. I think I have about 200 options at about 20 bucks a share less than the current price. So if I can manage to exercise them before the stock drops I'll get about 4 grand, minus 50% for taxes... *sigh*
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I finally managed to get a depth-first lisp program to find the route from Rome to Berlin. Thanks to Phil for the nodes. Now for the breadth-first program...

I listen to some old farts at work describe how to take care of the problem in Iraq. Their plan revolves around just killing anyone who has even heard of Al'Zucari. They are clearly not happy with the way things are going, but they also seem to be pro bush/republicans. Its tough working on a military base and not being a republican. Most everyone seems to be republican, if only, because they fear for their jobs. I would be happy to trade world peace for unemployment.

That was the arguement last time around.. I got from Mike Polly... Don't vote Gore, he'll cancel NMD. As I said at the time, I would be happy to find another job if they cancelled the project. I still feel that it is a waste of money.

Part of defending america is defending america. I am all for strong environmental laws. What is the point of keeping americans alive if we are all going to be poisoned by the water and living in a polluted wasteland?
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I managed to listen to the first 55 minutes of the debate. I missed the first 3-4 minutes. I thought Kerry 'won'. There were several places I got excited that someone finally smacked Bush around. I do admit that Bush made an occasional arguement that Kerry didn't respond well to. I didn't agree with most of Bushes arguments. Bush seemed to miss the point that Kerry made over and over.

Bush kept insisting that they made the right decision to invade because the resolutions were not working and Saddam would not disarm. He insisted that given the information he had today he would still have invaded. *ring ring* clue phone, its for you W. The resolutions had worked, Saddam had disarmed. There were no WMD. How was he a threat?

Bush didn't seem to listen to Kerry on the exit strategy part either. Kerry clearly stated several times that, despite the fact the Bush got us into a mess, it was now the US's responsibility to finish it and clean up the mess.

The informal poll on CNN said that 79% thought Kerry won the debate.

Despite no response from Adam and Matt I felt I had enough information from their previous emails that I sent out the next Star Wars email. The classic gaming dilemma, what to do with prisoners... :)
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