September 21st, 2004



On the drive in this morning I was reminded again of the strange dicotomy of a military base. Everyone around with guns and explosives and such, but wild animals running free on base. The base acts as a nature preserve because of the strick enforcement of hunting laws and discharging of firearms.

4 deer wandered across the road in front of me, led by a somewhat small buck with a nice rack. This isn't the first time I've seen deer wandering around the base. Earlier this year I had to stop for a family of deer crossing the road. I've also seen herds of wild turkey as well as peacocks wandering the base.
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la de da

Work work work... John Forestierre is out here as of today. I think he's just on a week or two business trip. We are having a going away 'party' at Beerman's in Lincoln tonight from 6 to 9.

I haven't gotten any responses to my latest StarWars email. I'm wondering if the messages are getting dropped because of some spam filter or something like that.

Work is kind of strange. We've been doing/planning tests to do with 'The Mountain'. They are imposing some very strange restrictions on us and its a pain in the butt. It is really impacting our efficiency. Our Six Sigma training teaches us to remove the kind of restrictions they are forcing on us. The reason for the restrictions is routed in a problem they had 30+ years ago which resulted in a change in the DefCon at the time.
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