September 20th, 2004



I had two somewhat strange dreams last night, the first dealt with the origins of Cricket. In the dream I felt like I was there for the development of the game on the field. I don't know much about cricket and I would be interested to know how much of my dream was correct. I may have to do a search for cricket rules when I get some free time.

The second dream took place in Tibet on a mountain slope. There was a palace, with a king, much like the palace in hero with lines at certain distances. I had a tube of gumballs and was kneeling at the edge of one of the lines. I managed to get the kings attention to ask permission to photograph him, which I felt I was going to do with the gumball, somehow. I started chewing one and a stange woman started walking around beyond the line I could not cross. She had spots in her hair, like a cheetah, and glowing green eyes. I suspect I pulled her from pieces of the book I've been reading, A Kiss of Shadows. I asked her if her hair and eyes were natural but she was confused by the question and before I could clarify, the king asked me if I would blow a bubble. I then felt confused, as I struggled to take his picture with a piece of bubble gum. I woke up.

I'm heading for home!

October 6th, 10:05 pm flight from SFO to BOS arriving at 6:30 am on October 7th. With luck I'll be home by 9:30am. I'm not staying long, as I'll be heading back to SFO on the 12th at 9:10 am.
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Fitz catcelled the football today because his kids ar estill skik. So I wen to beerna,s and had a couple drinksnad watched the football game with the guts art the bar. I've decided theo let my typeing meistakes go theourh to allow he causal reader to see where I'm at/ I'm not sure who one. The bardernder wasn't wearing a bra and her parnts wenre't buttoned , whichi was prettyu distracting. I sat with a woman who seemed a lit like ftizs wife and twho black gus who were really cool but help/edcouraged my ithing on hte bartender./ The bar cleosed at like 9 but we were anlowed to finihsh ouyt fdrinks. I'm pretty sure she,.the bartender, wasnt' wearing undies, but the guy next to mea siad she watw. She semed nice enough, thousgh whse smoked, so... The black guys seemed surprised to seeme on a bike dispite my assertion that I was an environmetnalizsty. Wow.. its tought not to correct the spelling mistakes as they come out.

Off to sleep.
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