August 27th, 2004



I rode my bike over and bought some Lean Cuisine, Apples, and Bananas. On the sidewalk just outside the supermarket entrance is a folding table with an old woman sitting at it. She has Bush crap and a sign, "Republicans, Register to vote here."

What would make a seemingly nice old lady want to vote republican? I can see why the rich young people would vote Republican, money. Republicans make it easier for business to get their way. Additionally, young people don't often look to the future and as a result often don't care about the environment, another reason to vote Republican. Old people have fixed incomes and rely on pension and social security. Republicans help businesses relieve themselves of the burdens of pensions by easing the laws and such crap. Can you say "Loophole". Old people tend to have grandchildern and as such want the best for them, a clean environment and a world where you can be yourself without fear of hate crimes. More reasons to not vote Republican.

I just don't get it.
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Looks like the guy downstair and his daughter fled the apartment. The mother, who you will recall was a Sun Myung Moon follower, still lives there. She probably won't send any more of his stuff to the Phillipines.
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I got volunteered for the second shift again today. As a result I got to come into work late, but as you can see, I'm still here.

This morning while playing Tropico, I lost the presidency to a priest. :( When the election cycle started and it told me who the opponent was, it zoomed in on the priest. He was at a bar, and they want this guy to be 'el presidente'? I guess that is what I get for letting the populous vote. I plan to rule the next board with an iron fist. There is a reason they put an assassinate button on the interface. :)

Tomorrow, Fitz is moving and we all get to help after work. It shouldn't be too bad, as he is moving 2 houses up the street. The house they were in was sold, but managed to rent a house owned by their current landlord's brother. If we can get stuff setup they are planning a BBQ and pre-season football on the bigscreen TV. That is, of course, that the power gets turned on by then.
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