August 21st, 2004


The car selling blues

We could only find one place around here that buys cars on the weekend. They did a much better inspection than we did when we bought it. As a result they found that it had been in an accident prior to our purchase. *Doh* They were still willing to give us $3700 for it. We still owe $10,600 so that would be quite a loss. We found one more place to sell it, but we have to wait till Monday.

We have pretty much given up on any chance of getting a good price so we have decided to curtail some of our spending to try to recover the loss. A rental car would have cost us about 3200 for the 4 months Emily was out here. So we need to save up about 4000-5000 bucks to get us back where we should be. I guess the car was a bad decision... go with the rental next time.
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