July 31st, 2004


The Birthday Girl

We had Aiyre's birthday today. We drove down to Citrus Heights, the location of the closest Chucky Cheeses. She enjoyed it. Afterward we had cake and ice cream, though she turned her nose up at the cake. Emily's parents and my parents arrived just before noon.

My parents are heading out to find dinner and then be back about 8ish. We'll put Aiyre to bed and then head out to see The Bourne Supremacy.
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This video is totally hilarious. I wish I knew some way to save it to the harddrive so I don't have to load it each time. Be warned, Raytheon won't let you load it. I guess someone might find it offensive, someone without a sense of humor that is.

Warning for us slow people, it is a 3.7 meg video/audio stream. You need to have the audio on to get anything out of it.
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Which member of the JLA are you?

The Flash

After accidently duplicating the same instance that granted his mentor Barry Allen with superspeed powers, Wally West gained identical powers and joined his side as Kid Flash. He eventually took over the mantle of the Flash after Allen's death and prides in being the fastest man alive.

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Well, there you have it.
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Just got back from watching The Bourne Supremacy. I liked it a lot, but things were difficult to follow at times. Some scenes, particularly action and flashbacks were very jumpy with lots of quick motion shots. The story was good, though I've not read the book yet. I'll have to add it to the list.

My parents just left, we are planning to meet them in 12 hours at the Galleria Mall in Roseville by the carosel.
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