July 29th, 2004



Well thanks to the BBC I now know that its 6:00 GMT. Sadly, I find myself working.

I find myself in a fight with my manager about my training plan. I looked up the courses required for someone in my pay grade and added them to the plan. It added up to like 200 hours(we can only get 40 per year), so I spread them out over the next couple years. My manager approved the plan. My manager changed to the evil queen of numbers(or was that bond's manager?). She claims to be following the same rules, but refuses to approve the plan. The only changes I've made were to delete courses I completed.

The course catalog takes almost a minute to load and quite a while to scroll through to find the courses you need. It took me over an hour to get the plan setup the first time. She would like me to delete everything past 2005 and put it in the notes section. Then next year, she'll want me to take it out of the notes section and add it back into the plan.

They either want me to do this on my own time, which I value too much, or on contract time as part of the training record maintenence the contract requires. If I was paying the contract, which I am, in a way, I would be pissed that people were charging the contract to screw around with this stuff at the whim of the management. Doubly so because the contract is so close to the end.
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