July 27th, 2004


new stuff

There is a team mix up going on. Peter will be leaving for good in a week or so. Chelsea and Eugene will be coming out on Saturday for a two hour tour/two week visit. Grant is going on home visit on Saturday. I'll be out Saturday and Sunday.

Mom and Jim will be out on Thursday. Aiyre's party in on Saturday. I still need to bake the cake. Need to buy eggs. With luck someone will pick up ice cream. I need to eat some of the stuff in the freezer to make room. Not sure when Emily's family is arriving.

Just remember... well is an adverb and good is an adjective. I swim well. That ice cream is good.

Ah well, I used to be a good swimmer, now I just swim well. That's good.
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rapid response award

This weeks star wars rapid response award goes to Colleen. The previous winners are Justin, Justin, and Justin. This week Justin must be stoned or something. I didn't get a response for a couple days, so I re-sent the message and it still took a while for him to respond. Colleen and I, on the other hand, sent back 4 or 5 messages in the time it took Justin to send one.

The players are about to make a level and I'm wondering if I should allow them input, or if I should just level them based on their actions.
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