July 25th, 2004



I wake up to someone's car horn on and steady. We were concerned it was Emily's Taurus, so she sent me out with the keys tocheck on the car. It wasn't her car, but was a GMC Safari minivan across the street. Just as I got out there a cop car showed up. I went over to the Safari and checked it out but nothing seemed to be wrong.

The guy downstairs saw me go out and came out as well with a flashlight. I told him it wasn't my car and we both left. His car, which is parked right in front of Emily's has been broken into twice.

We watched a bit from the windows and a second cop showed up and between them managed to turn off the car alarm/disable the horn.

Ah.. off to bed.
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Having trouble getting back to sleep. A tow truck arrives outside and the cops have the car, whose alarm had been going off, towed. Wonder if that is standard procedure? Was the car stolen? Old registration? Noise Violation?

Too warm. Eyes irritated, dry. Too itchy. Can't sleep. Pillow warm on both sides.
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