July 19th, 2004



We lost the softball game in pretty much the same fashion as we have won the other games. The winner scores a bunch in the last inning to win. We were just on the wrong side of this one. I pretty much sucked today. I hit the ball each time, but it was a low pop up to first base. *sigh* Each time I was the last out of the inning and each time there were 2 people on base. There was a pop up to right field, which bounced off the top of my glove. There was a grounder up the first base line which it took me forever to get to.

At work, I spent a couple hours tracking down a bug. When I called it back into Sudbury, they had already found it and fixed it. Wasted time. Speaking of wasted time, we discovered that our OS wasn't set up right, or rather was set up differant from Sudbury. When we fixed it everything seemed to get better. We were able to get our longest run ever, before it crashed. We still can not run for even 10% of the time required for a single run in order to get into IDO sell off.
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