July 18th, 2004


Almost over

My home visit is almost over. I can't take another one till October, thanks to Dave's restrictions. I'll probably take a day or two while my mother is out here, which will be in a week or two.

The visit went well. Aiyre really really liked the Nemo computer game I bought her. She still can't use the mouse, but will point at the screen so we can click on things. Emily brought it back to her parents house so they can enjoy it too. We taught her the 'memory game', she seems to enjoy it.

I finished Guilty Pleasures and have started The Laughing Corpse which is the second book in the Anita Blake vampire series. I made quite a bit of progress in Jedi Knight II, Jedi Outcast, but can't seem to beat the special guy at the end of the 'doom' missions. I've looked for hints on-line as to how to beat him, but have not accomplished it yet. After this, the hint pages say there are still like 4 more levels and then the 'big bad guy' at the end of the whole thing.

The pool was open when Aiyre got here. She is pretty much to the point where she won't wear her 'floatation aid' anymore. She can swim around in the deep end and only seems to have trouble when the water isn't calm and she gets a wave in the nose. We'll see how she does at Quinsig when Emily and Aiyre get back.

Aiyre seemed to sleep in this weekend, which means she got up at 6:30 and 7:00.
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Overall I'd say we had too much food this weekend. I bought corn on the cob for Emily and I. We got pizza for lunch yesterday, which we still have plenty of leftovers for. We made cookies out of one of those pre-mixed cookie things, that comes in a roll, which we still have plenty of too. I still have leftovers from Shanghai Fats, the place at the casino, from Thursday. I still have plenty of Kielbasa, peppers, and onions from MSgt Frigo's retirement party, last weekend. I also bought a loaf of cinnamin raisin bread, which we didn't even open yet. We normally would eat the loaf between us over two breakfasts.
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