July 15th, 2004



I slept in and got up at 8. I took a shower and then rode my bike over to Safeway and bought:
2x Lean Cuisine Teriyaki Steak Stirfry Bowls
2x Lean Cuisine Grilled Chicken and Penne Pasta
3x Dole Fruit cups(2x cherry and 1x peach)
2.54 Pounds of Bananas
3 ears of corn
1.38 pounds of peaches
1.16 pounds of broccoli

I came back, put everything away, took another shower, sent out Star Wars emails, downloaded and installed Netscape 7.1. I made one of the Teriyaki bowls for lunch. It turns out the timer on my microwave is 'broken'. It set it for 4 minutes and started watching Episode II, Attack of the groans. After a while I noticed it was still going so I stopped it. It was a bit burnt, but still edible.

I went over to the pool with my book and discovered that there was a crack at the bottom and re-bar bleed, according to the pool guy fixing it. *sigh* Back home, checked the mail. I got 2 games I bought for Aiyre, Nemo's underwater world of fun and some lion king thing. I installed nemo and tested it out. It wasn't much fun or a challenge for me, but it might be enough to try to get Aiyre to use the mouse.

I took another bike ride up and down the neighborhood. I took another shower. I setup our new internet service, Mailaka, as FIAM is shutting down. I went over to Thunder Valley Casino to see if there is some way to get kids into the various restaurants there. There is. I took 200 bucks out of the ATM. I play blackjack and 3 card poker for about 45 minutes and cashed out. I now have 300 bucks, 100 in winnings. Well, that covered dinner and groceries. Route 65 was closed coming home. It wasn't supposed to close till 9, but they had the entrances blocked off 15 minutes early. I ended up taking the detour which took 30 minutes to go 4 miles. *sigh*

With luck the pool with be open tomorrow, as Emily and Aiyre will be arriving in the afternoon.
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