July 12th, 2004



Fitz is back! Yippie! We have been getting pounded this week. Eugene is probably a better coder, but Fitz has the total system architechure knowledge.

Emily and Aiyre left last night. I finished Warcraft III. The end movies say to come back after finished it on Hard. Has anyone done this? What is different?

I started reading Guilty Pleasures by Laurel Hamilton. Its an interesting vampire book. I'm sure I wouldn't want to be a human in her world. Too many vampires, lycanthropes, ghouls, magic, mind tricks, zombies, etc.

Tonight is Softball again. We have won every game I've attended so far. If I were betting on games, I'd lower my bet this time because I doubt we can continue to win. That and we seem to just get lucky late in the game.
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(no subject)

Roger managed to get his wife and son in for a tour of the building. I'm going to have to see if I can get Emily and Aiyre in before they leave. I'm not sure when that will be yet. Emily is checking out flights and dates right now. It'll probably be somewhere around the 20th of August.

My mother is supposed to be coming out as well. I think she will be here in the next couple weeks. I'm not sure when, nor how much time she'll be around here.

We've had occasional days where it was really really hot and the Air Force announced heat stress levels. We've seen levels from 2 to 4 with most of them at heat stress level 3. I'm not sure what that means or what we are supposed to do about it.

All of the Soccer and Softball games are cancelled this week because of base wide exercises. I guess we will be issued 'non-player' badges, but it hasn't happened yet. I hope to get home early enough some day this week to see Spider-Man 2. I guess, if all else fails, I can see it Thursday, once my "home visit" starts. I'm not doing anything for this one. I'll be at home Thursday and Friday, with some computer games, bike riding, reading, and sun bathing planned. Friday afternoon Emily and Aiyre will show up for the standard weekend of fun.

We got a new build over the weekend and it clears up most of the problems we've been dealing with all week. It seems we were wasting our time for nothing. The project is now rejecting/delaying STRs which are not Initial Deployment Operability critical. A problem must be really bad for the fix to get in now. I don't think the system is even close to being ready yet. I think we have plenty of time to fix things because there are sooooo many 'multi-threading' issues that are a result of bad design or of design for the wrong problem.
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Heat Index

Well, today was a level 2 heat stress day, my car claimed it was 102F in the parking lot but dropped to 99F once I got moving.

When I convert the Prius displays to metric from english, it doesn't change temperature. They must have assumed that no one could understand the celcius scale. Maybe it isn't really metric?
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