July 5th, 2004


Da Weekend

The July 4th weekend is just about over. I took off Sunday and worked shorter hours on Saturday and as Aiyre had no school today, they left this morning. At the 5 o'clock on Friday, we discussed what time, if any, we could have off. I mentioned that I got an email from Dan Smith(division president/ceo/cio?) telling me to take the time and spend it with family and friends, etc. Dave said he got the same email and was going to send it back and let him know that they are impacting his schedule everytime someone sends one of those. We got the same kind of email for the memorial day "holiday". I expect one for the Labor Day "holiday".

Aiyre really enjoyed the fireworks Sunday night. Lincoln put on a great show, though it started quite a bit after the start time on their website. We walked a couple blocks over to the athletics field behind the middle school. This gave a distant tree line which resulted in great line of site, even on low fireworks. The people behind us, across the road, set off a pretty continuous stream of fireworks from when we got to the school till the real show started. When the real show started Aiyre was standing up in the wagon and shaking with excitement. She really loved it.

Earlier we went to see Shrek 2. The movie was funny for sure, but I'll have to see it again to give a detailed opinion. Too much of my attention was on Aiyre, combined with the fact the we were in the second row and off to the side, so I had trouble seeing clearly. Aiyre seems to really like this too, though by the end of the movie she was making quite a bit of noise and disturbing everyone around us. She did seem to like the movie though.

Without Remorse is nearly done, perhaps another 100 pages and I'm finished. It is quite good, though it begins to fall into the trap that prequels fall into. That is they have the characters run into famous people from the later books. There is nothing wrong with it, it just seems that it is often forced in.

Examples(and maybe y'all can help me out) :
John Clark is being investigated by Jack Ryan's Father.
C3P0 was made by Darth Vader.
Jango Fett/Boba Fett being the basis for the clone army.

What has C3P0 contributed to the "first" two star wars movies. Why is he there? Just so people have something familiar to attach to? To me it just seems the writer is being lazy and not spending the time to create a new proper person.
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