June 6th, 2004



Emily and Aiyre are headed back to Cupertino. Next weekend starts my next home visit/vacation. I'm leaving on the 13th and heading down to Cupertino. We plan to hit Monterey and the aquarium. With luck it won't rain like it did on my last home visit.

I found a couple toys at a local yard sale that Aiyre just loves. They are Mike and Sully 'action' figures. They are about 4-5 inches tall and you can pose them. Sullys head can rotate around so his chin is on top.

I got a bill in the mail from when I had bacterial gastroentinitis. The hospital charged 340 bucks. They claim that the insurance company has not paid them so I owe. I called the insurance company and they claim to have paid. *sigh*. The bill isn't itemized so its hard to tell what the 340 bucks was for. They performed no test, took no samples. I spent 2 minutes with a nurse getting blood pressure/temp/etc taken. I also spent 20 minutes sitting around in a hospital robe waiting. I then got to spend 3 minutes talking to the doctor and him telling me what was wrong and how he was going to fix it.

I'd actually like to see an itemization.
Equipment usage(scale) 20$
Sanitazation fee for hospital room/scale/stethescope 20$ each .. 60$
Laundry services(robe) 20$
Latex gloves for nurse and Doctor 20 bucks each .. 40$
Nurse fee for 2 minutes at 600 / hour .. 20$
Doctor fee for 3 minutes at 1200 / hour .. 60$
Transcription service for entry of records .. 50$
Bean counter fee for billing of insurance company .. 50$
Letter sending to patient when insurance company wont pay .. 20$
Total : $340

Wow... that must be it.
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