April 27th, 2004



Tuesday... I was up till about midnight last night, watching Die Hard(with a vengence). After that I read Rainbow 6 for a couple minutes and went to sleep. I really need to get laundry done tonight or tomorrow morning before work. I'm out of shirts I can wear. I would have an expanded list of cloths but the sweatshirt I bought in San Francisco was left at Emily's parents house to be laundered. I was expecting Emily to bring it with her last weekend, but alas. Maybe this weekend.

I feel that I've been eating too much again and feel myself 'bloating', although it could be because of the 95 degree temps. It was freaking hot in my apartment last night when I got home about 8 or so. I left the A/C on today set to 80 degrees. That seems to be a reasonable temp to try to keep it below.

I've been feeling better about work for the last couple days, which I attribute to my being able to accomplish things.
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