March 27th, 2004


lost it

Well, I was walking around linens and things today and found myself talking to some old couple in the scale section. I used one of the display models and found I was down to 228(with shoes and cloths). When I left sudbury I was at 252(with shoes and cloths). Go me!

My stomach is beginning to hurt less. I think. It is really hard to tell when the narcotics are in effect and when they are not. I am feeling more hungry today. I still have not started producing... :(

I'm getting close on the star wars introduction section. Soon, everyone will know everyone. Adam and Colleen have not been responding. I've been getting intermittant returned messages from users. I wonder if they are having trouble. Too bad Phil didn't want to play, I could use a good bad guy.

Back to the slave tower.
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